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Monday, March 21, 2011

Perham host's Area 4 Special Olympics Tournament

By John George - Perham, MN

Michael Stoltenberg drives to the basket as he helped the Perham Golden Boys to the 5-on-5 title at the Area 4 Apecial Olymmpic Basketball Tournament. (John George photo)

Perham Area Special Olympics hosted the Area 4 Basketball Tournament at the Perham Area Community Center (PACC) on Thursday, March 17.

The Special Olympic athletes competed in a number of individual skills, as well as half-court, and full-court team play.

The half-court competition was played in two divisions. Pelican Rapids Orange finished in 1st place in Division 1, followed by Fergus Falls in 2nd place, Moorhead Black in 3rd place and the Perham Panthers in 4th place.  Panther team members include: Josh Boyer, Lance Harjes, Randolph Johnson, Duane Muckey, Tyler Olsen, Philip Tweeton.

The Perham T-Wolves were the winners of the Half-Court Division 2.  Second place went to Moorhead Orange, followed by Pelican Rapids Black in 3rd place, and Fergus Falls in 4th place.  Members of the T-Wolves are: Mamta Fritz, Conrad Johnsen, Chris Johnson, Gary Johnson, Michael Moe, Troy Tierney.

In the full-court competition, the Perham Golden Boys finished in 1st place with Crookston finishing 2nd.  Golden Boys team members include: Eric Christenson, Charles Cooper, Tyler DeVries, Troy Garbow, Justin Hofland, Joey Jesuit, Ryan Schattschneider, Michael Stoltenberg, Thomas Vzner.

Here’s how the Perham Area Special Olympic Athletes did in individual competition:

Standard Level:

Adam Kalina—4th place, 16-21 years old (61 pts)

Alicia Cheney—6th place, 16-21 years old (66 pts)

Tyler Olson—2nd place, 16-21 years old (67 pts)

Tyler DeVries—1st place, 22-29 years old (71 pts)

Josh Boyer—2nd place, 22-29 years old (67 pts)

Mamta Fritz—5th place, 22-29 years old (56 pts)

Jason Galbrecht—4th place, 22-29 years old (59 pts)

Richard Kempinich—6th place, 22-29 years old (57 pts)

Crystal Miller—6th place, 22-29 years old (50 pts)

Ryan Schattschneider—3rd place, 22-29 years old (66 pts)

Kayla Spencer—3rd place, 22-29 years old (39 pts)

Philip Tweeton—3rd place, 22-29 years old (71 pts)

Cathy Villarreal—3rd place, 22-29 years old (67 pts)

Michael Lauer—1st place, 30+ (42 pts)

Michael Moe—1st place, 30+ (65 pts)

Lance Harjes—1st place, 30+ (78 pts)

Conrad Johnsen—2nd place, 30+ (73 pts)

Randolph Johnson—3rd place, 30+ (65 pts)

Chris Johnson—4th place, 30+ (53 pts)

Duane Muckey—4th place, 30+ (64 pts)

Clifford Boese—5th place, 30+ (33 pts)

Michael Johnson—5th Place, 30+ (46 pts)

Jeffery Anderson—6th place, 30+ (54 pts)

Gary Johnson—6th place, 30+ (59 pts)

Joseph Regnier—4th place, 30+ (35 pts)

Tryo Tierney—3rd place, 30+ (65 pts)

Michael Wagner—4th place, 30+ (64 pts)

Modified Level:

Bruce Bjerkaas—2nd Place, 30+ (92 pts)

Wallace Boese—4th Place, 30+ (64 pts)

Denis Hemmelgarn—4th place, 30+ (64 pts)

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