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Dr Dan
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Dr. Dan isn't impressed with Vikes or Twins
Dr. Dan's thoughts as the Vikes gear up for 2013
Dr. Dan not impressed with Vikes

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why the Twins won't win this year

By Dan Schroeder - Perham, MN

Here is why the Twins don't and wont compete for a World Championship.  Look at the salaries for the pitchers.

Pavano-$8 million? A No. 3 on his best days.

Baker-$5 million.  Five million for what? 

Liriano-$4.3 million.  For a No. 4 pitcher?  Good things hes a lefty. 

Blackburn-$3 million.  A poor No. 5 at best.

Capps-$7.1 million.  For this money, he better have 40+ saves.

You can get young arms that can lose for much less.  Nobody is a No. 3 starter. Over paid.

How about the rest of the line-up?

Doumit-$5.2 million for a reserve player.  Mauer- $23 million.  He better hit .350 with 35 home runs and 135 rbi's with a golden glove for that money.  Morneau- $15 million.  He hasn't played for 2 years and won't play for 2 more.
Span gets $1 million.  Why play for this money, not enough to incent him.  Willingham gets $6 million.  Is he maybe the best player on the team?

Then look at the the rest of this pathetic roster---
No talent and no pay.

A great new stadium with minor leaguers to fill it!

The roster the Twins have put together will bring them another last place finish in the American League  Time to spend some cash and bring up the youth.

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